Social Media Displays

Turn your event into an interactive experience by letting everybody post to your Twitter and Instagram Wall. Our Social Wall app lets you searchmoderate and display social media posts on a range of digital displays. There are multiple ways to display your social messages as well as the option to display sponsor logos.


Don't miss any social media posts

You choose the hashtags, mentions and users you would like to watch. The app grabs matching tweets and pictures for you.

Supported social networks: Twitter & Instagram
Filters: Hashtag, User, Mentions, Word, Phrases


Keep control of what’s being displayed

You review and moderate posts by approving or rejecting each of them.

The app allows you to preview attached images and links.
(You can disable the moderation requirement if you really want)

Moderation in one click: Approve or Reject 
Status of your content: 
Pending, Accepted, Rejected


Your layout, your needs

We have 3 layouts ready to be used. Each layout has his own behavior to fit your event at best.

Live Mode: Tweets are fading one after the other
Poster Mode: Tweets are displayed side by side
Timeline Mode: Tweets are sliding in order from top to bottom.


Give your Twitter and Social wall the look of your event or brand

Choose your colors, font, text size, background picture, logo, sponsors and many more options.
You can also customize the full CSS stylesheet if needed.

Your logo, Your sponsors

Promote your partners and sponsors

Display your sponsors’ logos on your tweet and pictures wall, they deserve it.

And many more


Share Instagram pictures on your wall.
We collect Instagram photos using your tag and display them on your wall.

100% in your browser

The live tweet can be used directly inside your browser, without installing any client-side software. You can use our full-screen feature (using HTML5).

Television / Advanced broadcasting

Share Instagram pictures on your wall.
We collect Instagram photos using your tag and display them on your wall.

Mobile Optimized

Moderation takes place on-the-go. Our dashboard and moderation panels are fully compatible with Tablets and Mobile phones.

Speak to us about a Social Media Display solution for your next event or activation